The American Boat Club is a unique idea for Lake Winnipesaukee but it is not new to the overall boating community. The club is rather simple. By becoming a member you can enjoy newer boats as often as you please with none of the hassle. 

Here is how it works. Using our web-based reservation system you simply reserve the boat and the time slots you would like. You can have four pre-reserved slots at any one time as soon as you use one another becomes available. You can also call, or walk in in case of a cancellation. Our port of call is at Akwa Marina in Laconia, NH, when you arrive we will have your boat fully fueled, cleaned and ready to go. No Hassle. 

At the end of your time slot, simply fuel the boat up, cruise back to Akwa Marina and we will take it from there. No Cleaning. No maintenance, just the fun part of boating. 


Video based reservation system tutorial - coming soon

We will help you learn to operate the boats but you must acquire a boating licence on your own.

The time slots run from 8AM until 1PM or 2PM until 7PM, if availble we can make arrangement for to book whole days.

We can make arrangements to overnight on our cabin cruisers.

As the club grows we will increase the number of boats, maintaining a ratio of members to boats that enables you to get a boat when you want one.

Members must obey all laws.

We insure you as a boater but you are responsible for the deductible in the event of a claim.

You have complete access to the entire lake.

The member must be the operator of the boat, but can bring who ever they wish with them on the boat.

Always feel free to ask questions.